About Us

The New Way to Success

At TonTrac we believe that any business, no matter the size can benefit by having “REAL-TIME TRACKING by CAPTURING AT SOURCE”. How often do you use the internet to get all your reliable information while you are away from Office?

Who We Are

We are TonTrac, but of course you know that by now. Why do we exist?

Well as much as passion drives us and fuels us to challenge accepted ways of thinking we want to take what we know and apply it in ways that excite and innovate. It is our mission to provide professional services to each and every one of our clients and form partnerships that translate into business success.

Our motto not only rings true with regards to what we want to achieve by working with our clients, but also makes the statement “REAL-TIME TRACKING by CAPTURING AT SOURCE” show who exactly we are and what we are capable of.

Our Vison is to create a Social Business Platform for Mining houses and Transporters to cut back on the cost of administration as well as ring fencing the Supply chain to minimise theft.